Persona 5: Mementos Mission English Manga Coming in December

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In 2019, there was a miscommunication about the English version of the Persona 5: Memories Mission manga. Yen Press said during an Anime Expo 2019 panel that it would locate it, but then noted that it did not have the rights. Now we know it’s going west and who’s handling it. Udon Entertainment has picked it up and will release it outside of Japan on December 7, 2021. It costs $13.99.

There will also be options when it comes to picking up a copy of this Persona 5 manga. One could opt for a standard version, which will be available in all stores. The cover features Joker with the cat version of Morgana on his shoulder. There will also be one variant only available at Barnes & Noble. That alternate cover has Joker and Futaba on the front, with Morgana on Futaba’s head. While it is an “exclusive” style, it also costs $13.99.

Here are both covers.

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Persona 5: Memories Mission is the manga with an original storyline by Rokuro Saito. The author also worked on god eater manga in Japan. This new manga is set after the events of the game, as the Phantom Thieves deal with a new case.

The first part of Persona 5: Memories Mission will be released in English on December 7, 2021. It will be available immediately in Japan.

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