Red Dead Online Summer Update Release Date and New Blood Money Trailer Reveal

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The new Red Dead Online Summer Update is called Blood Money (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is getting new content this month and more ways to enjoy the Wild West.

While Red Dead Online hasn’t proved as popular as GTA V’s multiplayer experience, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many fans counting down to the next big patch.

For now, Rockstar Games has only revealed the release date of the Red Dead Online Summer update, which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 13.

The new expansion is called Blood Money and will feature “a slew of new illegal ventures to the frontier”.

That doesn’t tell us much, but the good news is that fans won’t have to wait long to find out the final juicy details.

Rockstar Games has confirmed that the Red Dead Online Summer update trailer will be shared on July 7.

No set time has been confirmed for when the new images will appear, but we do know it will come with a full news release.

Fans have been told to head to the Rockstar Newswire, where the latest information will be shared.

And to help players prepare, a series of week-long bonuses is now available, which Rockstar tells fans today:

“Winning in a Showdown mode this week will give players a 30% discount on an Ability Card upgrade, while completing “Kill Them, Each and Every One” from A Land of Opportunities will earn you a reward for a free Treasure Map. Moonshiners above rank 100 who win a Showdown mode will also receive an offer for 3 gold bars of each Moonshine Bar theme.

“Red Dead Online long standing players who are Rank 100 or above will receive a 50% discount on a selected weapon, while anyone who purchases a weapon customization this week will receive a 40% discount on a selected Revolver and 200 Express . Revolver ammunition. In addition, all weapons and pamphlet rank requirements at the gate have been lifted this week.”

More highlights from this week’s active Red Dead Online rewards can be found below:

Double RDO$ and XP in A Land of Opportunities missions, plus a reward for a free treasure map when completing the “Kill Them, Each and Every One” mission.

Double RDO$ and XP on all Showdown modes, plus a 30% discount on an Ability Card for winning a Showdown mode.

An offer for 50% off a selected weapon for all players rank 100 or above, and an offer for 3 gold bars on each bar theme for Moonshiners above rank 100 who win a Showdown mode.

Weapon customization purchase bonuses: A 40% off offer on a select revolver, as well as 200 Express Revolver ammo, for all players who purchase a weapon customization this week. No rank requirements this week for weapons or pamphlets sold at the gate.

New discounts: 40% off all Ability Cards, weapons sold at Fences and Weaponcrafting Pamphlets, plus 30% off all Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Turkoman Horses, Hats and Bandoliers.

New Prime Gaming Perks: Players who connect to Prime Gaming before August 2 will receive rewards for a free Saddle, 2 free Treasure Maps and a 40% off Fast Travel Post offer.

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