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scuf offers its range Rocket ship, a new limited edition color for the summer. With its red, white and blue tones, the collection is Rocket ship invites itself on the controllers Consequence, Pro and Prestige, as well as on the helmet H1 from pirate.

A little freshness with the Rocket collection – scuf

If you want these controllers, first know that the Impact and Pro controllers for the PS4, the Prestige controller is for XBOX ONE.
For gamers pc, no worries, all controllers are compatible. The helmet H1 by Corsair supports all platforms.
Lateral differences between the controllers, it happens just below.

Scuf controllers

The advantage of Scuf lies in customizing the controllers and has the ability to: adapt to your playing style. Whatever the controller: Impact / Pro or Prestige, they all benefit from:

  • Paddles on the back of the controller;
  • A trigger adjustment system;
  • PC compatibility.

Depending on the model, only a few details change.

The Impact controller

  • 4 Round, Cross, Square, Triangle palettes on the back of the controller;
  • Extendable triggers;
  • Digital triggers + digital bumpers;
  • Ring system and locks + impact key, to prevent hitches;
  • Price: €179.99.

The Pro Controller

  • Two round and cross palettes;
  • Extendable triggers;
  • Digital triggers + digital bumpers;
  • Ring and locking system;
  • Price: €169.99.

Prestige controller

  • 4 configurable palettes, according to 14 joystick functions;
  • Quickly adjustable trigger lock to reduce contact pressure;
  • Rechargeable battery, up to 30 hours of autonomy;
  • The lightest controller on XBOX ONE (267 grams);
  • Price: €179.99.

Those who would like to take a controller PS5 or XBOX Series X | s, we will have to wait, they will arrive in the summer.

For the first time, we are proud to partner with ORIGIN PC on the Rocket design. The ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM offers the most flexibility and customization ever offered on an ORIGIN PC desktop, pushing the boundaries of PC design.

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