A new Level-5 RPG is currently in development

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A new RPG from Japanese developer Level-5 is currently in development. The company posted a job posting stating that a brand new game is currently in the works. Plus, there are more than a handful of job candidates can currently apply for this new project. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

While the website itself doesn’t specify what kind of title is currently in development on Level-5, the publication suggests it’s an RPG. The company is currently looking for several candidates. This may include a potential director and producer for the project. Additional jobs include programmers, planners, effect designers, 3D character designers, and user interface designers.

The company is also willing to let candidates work from home. The only restriction, outside of work experience, is that applicants must be located in Japan.

Level-5 has developers several notable titles. This includes the Professor Layton and Ni no Kunic series. More recently, Level-5 has worked on: Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. This title is an MMORPG for mobile devices that brings players in the world of Ni no Kunic. Noi no Kuni: Cross Worlds grossed over $100 million in its first eleven days of release. This puts the mobile MMORPG ahead of both Pokemon GO and Genshin impact in terms of the fastest gross amount in that period.

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