Dieter from Army of the Dead is back in the first images of Netflix’s Army of Thieves

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Fans’ favorite safecracker of Army of the Dead is back, and this time we’ll find out more about his backstory.

Yes, one of Zack Snyder’s movie stars, Matthias Schweighöfer, returns with a new prequel to the Netflix movie. Army of Thieves, who also directs Schweighöfer, will follow Dieter as he goes from a regular bank teller to part of some of the most memorable heists. Zack Snyder will serve as the film’s producer.

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In this prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, Dieter, a small-town bank teller, finds himself involved in the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join a group of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, attempting a series of legendary, impossible-to-break safes across the world. to attack Europe.

Army of Thieves is directed by Matthias Schweighöfer, with a script by Shay Hatten and a story by Hatten & Zack Snyder. Starring Matthias Schweighöfer, Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Guz Khan, Jonathan Cohen, Noémie Nakai.

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Army of Thieves is slated to release on Netflix in Fall 2021.

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