Forgot headphones! Sony just announced a new speaker that you WEAR

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Sony SRS-NB10 release (Image: SONY)

If you hate wearing headphones, Sony may have the perfect – if not, the craziest – solution. The Japanese tech company has announced the launch of its new SRS-NB10 speaker, which users actually wear. Yes, you read that correctly. This smart device jumps on your shoulders and blasts music right into your ears.

If you’re concerned about how that sounds, Sony is confident you’ll be impressed, as it’s packed a full-range speaker that faces upwards, so the audio is optimized just for your ears.

There’s decent bass too, and the tech company boasts that things should still sound good even when the volume is down.

Not only is the SRS-NB10 designed to play your favorite playlists, but it’s also designed to connect to two devices at once, meaning you can easily switch from one music player to your laptop. That should mean your next zoom call can be heard loud and clear. Another bonus is that people on the other end of the line should also be able to hear you thanks to Precise Voice Pickup Technology.

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Sony SRS-NB10

Sony SRS-NB10 blasts music right into your ears (Image: SONY)

Sony SRS-NB10

Sony SRS-NB10 (Image: SONY)

This uses two high-quality directional (beam-shaping) microphones, combined with advanced audio signal processing to minimize feedback and any annoying echoes.

Obviously you don’t want this portable speaker plugged into a wall, so Sony packed a battery in it that lasts a whopping 20 hours.

It is also IPX4 splash proof. That doesn’t mean you can wear it in the shower, but it should be fine if it gets a little wet while washing dishes. Finally, to make sure it stays comfortable, you’ll find it covered in fabric and there’s a white or charcoal gray to match your style.

If the whole concept of wearing a speaker around your neck doesn’t sound completely crazy, you can pick up the Sony SRS-NB10 from September 2021 for around €150 (about £130).

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