Game Update: Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.21 Patch Notes Details

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Watch Dogs Legion has been updated to version 1.21 by Ubisoft today. You can find the patch notes for this update here.

There were some major issues with the game after the release of the Bloodline patch which brought Aiden Pearce back as a new character with its own story. It is set after the events of the original Watch Dogs. According to Ubisoft, there have been some known issues since the installation of the title update 5.0 which added the Bloodline DLC support. These issues can be found below, and while we don’t have official confirmation of what has been fixed, some of these issues may have been addressed in today’s update.

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.21 Patch Notes Notes

  • stadiums: The “Packrat” achievement sometimes stops progressing.
  • When using Aiden’s drone, the message “Detect” only appears when the detection tracker is at 100%.
  • Aiden’s drone can sometimes get stuck when it hits walls in mid-air.
  • The Safe House icon may disappear at certain points in the Bloodline story campaign.
  • Devon v Devin: London Culling: While playing the mission, the timer can sometimes freeze. This will not affect the progress of the mission.
  • Playstation 4/5: Bloodline DLC will still appear as available for purchase to secondary users on shared consoles, even if they have the main user’s DLC installed.
  • Text overlap sometimes occurs when profiling characters with longer descriptions.
  • Acquisition target: The wrong minimap layout sometimes appears when reloading a save in the Broca Tech Deep Labs.
    Workaround: If you die and restart, the minimap will be reset.
  • Dark Pattern: Players cannot progress in the mission if they also have the Human Cargo side mission active when entering Rempart Headquarters.
    A temporary solution: Restart the game.
  • Dark Pattern: Jackson sometimes stops following Aiden during a specific mission. A hotfix to resolve this will be released in the coming days.
  • Bury your dead: Jackson wears a face mask for the duration of the mission.
    a temporary solution: Save the game, go to the main menu and load the save.
  • lady: After completing the mission, the closing speech can sometimes seem robotic.
  • boy: Mission objective can sometimes appear in code instead of descriptive text.
  • Things fall apart: If Wrench uses Captain Boom Boom, it sometimes has no effect on the enemy.
  • Aiden’s hands sometimes cut through his coat when opening the weapon wheel or Photomode.
  • Wrench’s Ninja Balls sometimes explode too early and have no effect on an enemy if thrown from a distance.
  • Wrench used by Captain Boom Boom sometimes activates a cooldown for other abilities.
  • Wrench’s Lady Smash ability is permanently grayed out, but can still be used if you hit the ability while the sledgehammer animation is in progress. It goes back to normal after switching to another skill and back.
  • Online: If Aiden and Wrench are equipped with weapons from other agents, they will be removed from their equipment when players return to the main menu.

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