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The hidden gem but an immensely loved anime series SK8 the Infinity left fans of the show in awe of such a great story of two friends helping one another overcome numerous obstacles in the skating world. Reki and Langa provided their audiences with many laughs, tears, and dropped jaws as these two lads continued to achieve the impossible.

Now that the series has concluded its first season, fans have been wondering if or when a second season would be on the way. After all, there is still some more character development that can be shown in season 2 as well as some more rad skateboarding goals to be accomplished.

We tell you everything we know so far about a potential SK8 the Infinity season 2 right here.

SK8 the Infinity season 2 release date

As of right now, there have yet to be any announcements made regarding a release date for the second season, but we did receive some much better news in place of a date–two stage plays and another upcoming project! That’s right, SK8 the Infinity will be receiving a new project that could point to a second season. Check out the great news via @AnimeTV down below!

As the tweet mentioned, we do not know for sure what this special project would entail, but we’re crossing our fingers for either a short film, an OVA or a highly-anticipated season 2.

SK8 the Infinity season 2 cast

Should this special project be a second season, we expect most of the cast from the first season to return once more with My Hero Academia‘s Tasuku Hatanaka returning as Reki, Chiaki Kobayashi returning as Langa, Chiaki Kobayashi as Miya, Yasunori Matsumoto as Joe, and One Punch Man voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa returning as Cherry Blossom.

An official cast list has yet to be announced, but we will be sure to let you know once we have more information.

SK8 the Infinity season 2 plot synopsis

It wouldn’t be too unlikely for the second season to continue from where the first season left off, but as there hasn’t been a season 2 synopsis revealed as of yet, we will just have to wait and see.

SK8 the Infinity season 2 trailer

We may not have an official synopsis for season 2, but we do have a teaser trailer for the upcoming project that is sure to get you hyped up for what’s to come. Check it out down below!

We’re super excited for what’s to come with SK8 the Infinity and we know you are too, so be sure to stay tuned with Netflix Life to get all the latest details about the stage plays and the upcoming projects for your favorite skateboarding anime.

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