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The anime series Vinland Saga released in 2019 and quickly rose to popularity because of the anime’s amazing fight scenes, heartbreaking stories, and riveting well-written characters who often float between good and evil.

As if receiving an almost perfect audience score on Rotten Tomatoes wasn’t enough, the anime also went on to win the Anime of the Year at the 6th Annual Anime Trending Award Ceremony. The anime definitely deserves all the praise and awards just as much as it deserves a second season, but will it receive one?

Everything to know about Vinland Saga season 2 is right here.

How many seasons of Vinland Saga are there?

At the moment, there is only one season of Vinland Saga. The first season has 24 episodes with each episode being under 30 minutes in duration.

Is Vinland Saga going to have a season 2?

Yes, yes, and yes! Today, it was officially announced that our favorite Nordic-inspired anime series would be returning for a second season! Check out the official tweet via @AnimeTV_JP down below!

Thorfinn’s all grown up in this visual, which means we’ll get to see more of his tragic story in the second season!

How many episodes are in Vinland Saga season 2?

Similar to the anime’s first season, we predict that there will be about 24 episodes in the upcoming season.

When is Vinland Saga season 2 filming?

Great news! Vinland Saga season 2 is reportedly currently in production, which means that fans won’t have to wait too long to see this anticipated sophomore season!

While the production has yet to officially conclude, based on the official teaser trailer for the second season, we can tell that the talented staff is cooking up some high-quality scenes that fans will talk about for ages. Check out the trailer down below!

YouTube video

There are definitely tons of familiar faces in this teaser, making it extremely hard for you to not wait impatiently for the season 2 debut. However, you may not have to wait too long as a release date may be closer than you think.

Vinland Saga season 2 release date

Although an official release date has yet to be announced, it wouldn’t be too far off to predict that season 2 could premiere later this year during the winter 2021 season or at the beginning of 2022, especially when you consider how fast things seem to be progressing over at the series’ animation studio.

Additionally, being that the newest season was announced around the same time that the first season debuted (July 8), it seems that the studio is sticking to release new content in July, so it’s possible that season 2 could release in July 2022.

We’ll be sure to let you know once an official release date has been announced, but while you wait for more information about Vinland Saga season 2 including a synopsis and cast list, be sure to stream every episode of the anime series currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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