Predator: Hunting Grounds includes a character and a new location

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Custom Multiplayer FPS IIIFonic includes a new character and a brand new location in the DLC. It will be the ninth DLC of LC Predator: Hunting Grounds since launch. The game is available on Playstation 4 and pc.

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They don’t sit still at IIIFonics!

Isabelle has blue eyes, Isabelle has blue eyes. Good luck with your jokes, we’re pros at Game’O. You will understand, she has long been desired the Isabelle, and that’s it, she finally arrives in the ninth DLC of Predator: Hunting Grounds, as well as the floor plan of the headquarters.

Isabelle is a fearless, well-trained sniper who appeared in the 2010 series, a survivor of the Predators. She’s as good at digging as she is at slaughter, so she can deal with Predators who dare to stand in front of her sights.

An NRV-E and Pred cartridges and let’s go for lasagna – Playstation blog

The DLC provides early access to the NRV-E, ultra-badass rifle with his pred cartridges, explode on contact. The farther and more precise you shoot, the greater the damage, enough to do a good chop.

A little bit of everything at headquarters!

The HQ and its labyrinthine configuration will not put you at ease when faced with the Predators in more than narrow corridors.

You are also in an elevator full of shelters.

The fire department will be able to complete 12 different missions through the huts or even surveillance drones that don’t hesitate to signal if your position is spotted, causing a whole host of Stargazer guerrillas.

The headquarters and its jungle, a deceptive place!  - Playstation blog
The headquarters and its jungle, a deceptive place! – Playstation blog

The old treasure mission will launch you in a team quest for a technology Predator unknown.

As you will have understood, headquarters will not be an easy task, strategy will be essential and team cohesion will be essential. Pay attention to the heights, because the Guerrillas will be watching you.

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