Strange Case Files is coming to PC and consoles this summer

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Giiku Games announced that they will bring their paranormal horror adventure Hermitage: Strange Case Files coming to PC and consoles later this summer. The game is already hugely popular in China and soon Western audiences will be able to enjoy the game’s sinister form of mystery and investigation.

The titular Hermitage is a curious little bookstore that stands alone on a quiet intersection where the manager of the cigarette smoke shop always takes a critical look at the eccentric bookworms that hover around the dusty shelves of the shop. The adventure begins one day when a customer walks in looking for literature to solve the mystery behind lucid ritual dreams

As a manager, players team up with a fleeing hacker genius, a self-confessed detective and a irascible legal adviser to unravel the mystery of a series of horrific incidents. Watch out, though, as supernatural abominations lurk between the pages of the mystery shop’s book collection.





  • A layered story with a visual novel style.
  • Interview characters and choose the approach that suits their personality.
  • Discover clues through TV news, online forums, phone messages and emails.
  • Analyze characters and events using an interactive bulletin board.
  • Investigate characters’ backstories and uncover secrets.
  • Compare information with conjectures to find out the truth.
  • Take the adventure on a new path by unlocking different storylines that open up through different choices.




Hermitage: Strange Case Files is what Chinese developer Arrowiz does best: a captivating mystery wrapped in a multi-layered and compelling story where each dialogue is a key cog in the game’s overarching story,” said Rinalda Faraian, Product Manager at Giiku Games . “It’s important then that we do the script justice, and we can’t wait to bring this new localized version to gamers on console and PC this summer.”

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Hermitage: Strange Case Files will be released on PC and consoles later this summer.

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