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It’s been nearly one month since NBC canceled Manifest and the series took Netflix by storm with its first two seasons. Most of its post-cancellation month has been spent at the peak of Netflix’s top 10 ranking, making fans want Manifest season 4 even more.

Even though the fate of Manifest has looked grim, with Netflix passing on saving the series in spite of its success on the platform, the fans and the creator haven’t given up hope on Manifest making a comeback in some form or another in the future.

Since the series hasn’t budged and remains the most-watched show on Netflix, loyal fans and the new fans the series has picked up in the wake of its premature ending are wondering now more than ever if and when Manifest season 4 is happening.

Unfortunately, as of this writing in July 2021, there’s not much good news to share on the future of the fan-favorite hit series, but that doesn’t mean we should lose faith in Manifest season 4.

Is there going to be a season 4 of Manifest?

Currently, it doesn’t appear that a fourth season of Manifest is in the cards — at least, not in the near to distant future. The options on the cast quickly expired after the show’s cancellation, and Netflix passing on picking up the series seemed to conclude its chances in resuming right away.

On the bright side, the cast and creator Jeff Rake aren’t giving up on the #SaveManifest campaign and are working to find a way to give the fans the closure that was missing from the cliffhanger-heavy season 3 finale. Rake said he’s working on condensing the final chapter into a movie.

Manifest season 4 release date

Still, the likelihood of a Manifest movie, limited series, fourth season or however the boss manages to bring the story to a close happening in 2021 or the first half of 2022 doesn’t seem possible at this point. But that could always change in a moment’s notice.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Rake has something incredible planned and that maybe, just maybe, Netflix will reconsider its decision to pass on making more Manifest. With any luck, we could be seeing the crew back in action by late 2022 if rescue efforts take flight.

For now, keeping watching Manifest on Netflix, and don’t forget to check out season 3. Stay tuned for more news and updates about Manifest season 4.

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