Synth Riders, put on your VR headset because it will swing

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Synth Riders is a dance game developed by Kluge Interactive, only playable in VR. Bring your evenings to life from July 27th Playstation 4, pc or Oculus.

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Prepare yourself, you will sweat!

In projects since 2017, the freestyle dance game Synth Riders finally sees the light of day and will be available from July 27.

The principle is simple, ride the rails in rhythm with the music, grab the orbs with your hands and hold them while grinding on the rails. Your whole body is involved.

The cards are unique to each song so everything is in coordination and immerses you in the dancing frenzy.

The game is divided into 13 worlds, also known as stages, each with a different background, such as a futuristic city or a gigantic synthesizer. So it will be no less than 55 licensed songs such as Muse, The Offspring, Parov Stelar and many other styles. Other songs are available for purchase through Music Packs.

There are three game modes available, namely Rhythm, Force and Party, all in 5 difficulty levels. You can also customize your games with various game modifiers.

Buy now Synth Riders certainly Steam at a price of 13.19 euros for the simple version and 34.87 for the Complete Edition including:

  • Synth Riders
  • “Adrenaline” Music Pack feat The Offspring
  • Music Pack “Synthwave Essentials 2” with Muse
  • Music Pack “Electro Swing Essentials”
  • Music Pack “Cyberpunk Essentials”

The Adrenaline Pack is available for a price of 6.35 euros, but please note that each stage or song can be purchased separately.

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