Today’s free Gran Turismo Sport 1.66 update adds Toyota GR 86

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A free Gran Turismo Sport 1.66 update featuring the Toyota GR 86 is released today on PlayStation 4.

The update is currently being rolled out worldwide. The exact release notes have not yet been shared. You can watch the trailer for the free new update below:

YouTube video

This update adds the “Toyota GR 86 ’21” to the lineup. The new GR 86 is the latest evolution of the Toyota 86 that debuted in 2012 and is loved by car enthusiasts around the world, now redesigned as a razor-sharp sports car with the title “GR”! Enjoy his excellent performance in Gran Turismo Sport first!

Gran Turismo Sport is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4. PS5 players can play the racer thanks to backwards compatibility. The game is developed by Polyphony Digital and was released in 2017.

A new Gran Turismo title is currently in development at Polyphony. Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 5 has been confirmed to run at 4K resolution and 60FPS with Ray Tracing enabled. According to the series creator, GT7 will be more like the classic GT titles.

I think the title Gran Turismo is avant-garde for us, and we’ve deliberately included some new challenges every time we switch generations. That’s why every series has fans, but sometimes the changes seemed to confuse users. For example, Gran Turismo Sport, currently on sale, took on the challenge of full esports exclusively for online use, but it may have seemed rather bizarre to some people. As a result, we got 9.5 million users, but it didn’t sell explosively from the get-go, and it seemed like understanding progressed gradually and support grew over the three years.

I think Gran Turismo Sport has a fairly ambitious plan. So while Gran Turismo 7 inherits elements like the championship realized in sports, it returns to the royal purpose of the full volume like 1 and 4 and offers the best Gran Turismo experience to date. Therefore, for those who know the old Gran Turismo, I think it smells a bit nostalgic.

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