Deathloop revealed a little more with 9 minutes of gameplay in July State of Play

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death loop, from studio Lyonnais Arkane, has been announced since the launch of the PS5, as part of the first games announced for the next generation of consoles. On next Thursday, July 8, 2021 a new edition of the Situation with exactly death loop finally, revealing 9 minutes of gameplay accompanied by comments from the Game Director Dinga Bakaba. The game will be exclusive for a limited time Play station from September 14, 2021 and Xbox in Sep 2022.

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Deathloop Trailer

It is that time again!

Well, since then we have more or less understood the principle of: death loop. You are Colt, stuck Blackreef Island. To top it off, you’re stuck in a time loop. The only way to stop this nightmare is to kill a few people.

Your journey will not be a walk in the park, because every time you die you start this infernal loop again, hence the goal, as you will have understood, is to go a little further each time through your surroundings and enemies there to analyse.

Juliana, another killer, will be there and won’t hesitate to show you she’s there. It can also be controlled by another online player.

On the new side, we didn’t learn revolutionary things we already knew, except: the power of rewind, which gives another chance to go back twice before restarting the loop and the ability to recover residue, useful for protecting powers and weapons. As a reminder for latecomers, the joystick dual sense will work well with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, because at Arkane studio, they don’t do things halfway.

death loop is already available for pre-order in two versions:

The Deluxe Edition included the following:

  • Unique Weapon: Gravedigger Transtar;
  • Unique Weapon: Anti-Wealth Tribunal;
  • Unique weapon: Cannon .44 carats.
  • Trouble-Party appearance for Colt;
  • Femme fatal appearance for Julianna;
  • Two charms (effects to equip);
  • Titles from the game’s soundtrack.

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