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Sony ended up with the outside companies to appear in the July 2021 State of Play. When that happened, to convey details about lost judgment pre-order options and both Digital Deluxe and Digital Ultimate versions. Most notably, people who get a special version, in addition to additional features and items, will get early access to the game three days before launch.

The basic version of lost judgment will cost $59.99 and a pre-order will also get a Quick Start Support Pack of items. If you pre-order at GameStop, a Steelbook case is also included. The $69.99 Digital Deluxe Edition gives people a Detective Essentials Pack and School Stories Expansion Pack. The former is an item pack, while the latter contains school club activity items. Should anyone get the $89.99 Digital Ultimate Edition, they get everything in the standard Digital Deluxe and the Kamurocho and Ijincho Story Expansion Pack add-on.

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lost judgment launches on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on September 24, 2021, and people can pre-order now. There will be a free upgrade offer for PS4 to PS5 and Xbox Smart Delivery should people buy a copy of an older version and upgrade to the new system. When people get it lost judgment Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate version, they can start playing it from September 21, 2021.

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