Monster Hunter Rise adds first ever rampage event quest with festival sticker rewards

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Capcom has a . added new event quest to Monster Hunter Rise, in the form of a new 7-Star Rampage mission featuring Almudron. Upon completion, hunters will receive a festival sticker set featuring adorable designs from Rondine, Hinoa, and Kagero the Merchant.

The new quest titled “Muddi Gras” is the first rampage event mission in Monster Hunter Rise. However, the rampage itself is pretty standard, pitting players against two hordes led by an Almudron. It is a medium rampage, confining fighters to a single area. Players must defend the last gate before time runs out, or defeat the Almudron.

As a 7 star event quest, hunters must be higher than Hunter Rank 4 to participate in the mission. Upon completion, hunters will receive four new festival-themed stickers that can be used in the in-game chat feature. As with previous sticker rewards, the new set can be configured from the Chat Menu tab.

You can take a closer look at the event mission stickers and details below:

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While the quest requires hunters to be older than HR4 to participate, you can still download the quest from Senri the Mailman and start it at a later date. To download the quest, go to Senri in the Steelworks area of ​​Kamura Village and go to the “Add-on Content” tab. After that, you can choose to get started by going to Minoto in the Gathering Hub, where it will be under the new “Rampage” tab in Event Quests.

Monster Hunter Rise is available immediately for the Nintendo Switch. Players using the recently released Monster Hunter Stories 2 receives a special layered armor in Rise resembling those worn by the Riders.

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