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After waiting months for Virgin River season 3 to premiere on Netflix, the last thing fans want to see is the central couple, Mel and Jack, headed for splitsville.

When we last left the fan-favorite couple in season 2, their up-and-down rollercoaster romance seemed to be on an upswing as the pair took a shot at love. However, in an ironic but almost tragic twist of fate, Jack was shot at his bar and found by Mel.

Of course, Virgin River season 3 reveals Jack’s fate (spoiler alert: he lived, or didn’t you see that coming from the trailer?), but what’s to become of Mel and Jack’s relationship as further complications arise from not only the shooting but his impending fatherhood?

Here’s what went down between Mel and Jack this season on Virgin River and some advanced predictions on where their relationship could be headed in season 4. Warning: Look away now if you wish to remain unspoiled.

Did Mel and Jack break up in Virgin River season 3?

Technically, yes: Mel and Jack break up in Virgin River season 3. But they didn’t start out on the rocks, even in the wake of Jack’s shooting and other complications.

The pair start out strong and healthy, taking on the ups and downs together fully in love. They even share some steamy date night scenes and more than a few cute, enviable moments that’ll set your shipping heart ablaze. Nevertheless, what’s Virgin River without a little drama?

When Mel reveals her desire to try and have a child of her own with Jack, he balks due to the pressures of expecting twins with Charmaine. The road leading to the babies’ arrival hasn’t been easy, thanks to Charmaine’s demands and, not to mention, her controlling new husband.

Jack eventually decides he can’t give Mel what she wants and breaks up with her, thinking he’s doing the right thing by setting her free. But that’s not what either of them want, and Jack’s preemptive split was quickly reversed and they reconcile.

In the season’s grand cliffhanger, Mel announces her pregnancy to Jack, and here’s the kicker: She also tells him that she’s not sure if he’s the father. (Is it her dead husband Mark’s baby?!) We’ll have to wait and see if that admission seals the deal on another split…

Stay tuned for more details on Virgin River and keep watching on Netflix!

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