Disabled gamer plays one handed FPS and wins it

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A Tiktok gamer has been getting some attention online lately because of the way he plays games: with one hand.

Tiktok user Aaron Soetaert or also known by his username as aaron1handedmotivation has shared videos of him playing first-person shooter games while doing it with one hand. He is seen with an Xbox controller, resting on his right shoulder and using only his left hand to press the triggers and buttons and move around the joystick.

In one video, Aaron has a caption stating that he relearned the game after losing his arm. There was no explanation as to how he lost his arm, but it could have been an accident.

Despite his handicap, Aaron shows that he can still play flawlessly. He even shared a video where he played Apex: Legends and won one round.

Playing video games is for everyone, anyone can play games, and that’s the beauty of our industry.

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