Lost Doctor Who Series The Evil of the Daleks Gets Animated

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The BBC has announced it has taken another step to make up the rest of its ‘lost’ doctor who content with a brand new animated version of The Evil of the Daleks, the largely missing final series of the fourth season of the show’s original series and featuring Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor.

The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) stars alongside his traveling companion Jamie (Frazer Hines) in this recreation where the TARDIS has been stolen. The story unfolds as the Doctor and Jamie search for the missing time machine, and come face to face with a very old enemy – the Daleks, who have a new master plan to conquer the universe. The Daleks force the Doctor to help them in their quest to “humanize” themselves into more deadly living weapons. This particular story is notable for introducing the Doctor’s new companion, Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling), first seen in the surviving second episode, and also for presenting the Dalek Emperor.

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The recreation uses audio-only recordings of all seven episodes along with the remaining second episode to create a brand new animated presentation of the series, available in both color and black and white. The three-disc release includes:

  • Remastered Surviving Original Episode 2
  • Telesnap Reconstructions – 6 Episodes
  • Audio Commentary
  • Audiobook, with recorded commentary by Tom Baker
  • Making of
  • photo gallery


Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 27, 2021.

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