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Last night, Netflix released the sequel to the best horror film of the summer, Fear Street. In Fear Street Part 2: 1978, we were met with a new year, new scares, and definitely tons of new characters and actors who you probably want to know more about.

Among these characters is actor McCabe Slye, who plays Tommy in Fear Street: 1978. He’s already a great guy in the movies, but he’s even more of a sweetheart in real life.

Everything to know about McCabe Slye is right here. Check it out!

McCabe Slye age

Unfortunately, as of right now, we do not know our beloved actor’s official age and birthday, but once we find out more information, we will be sure to let you know.

McCabe Slye Instagram

He may have recently made an account last month but this actor is letting the world know how proud he is of his newest role as his Instagram is full of cast and promotion pictures of the new release.

Check out this picture of McCabe down below.

He currently has about 4,400 followers, but with such an amazing performance, we expect that number to rise throughout the month. Be sure to give him a follow on both his professional Instagram, his photography Instagram, and his photography website to learn more about just what catches this young actor’s eye.

McCabe Slye height

Stars Offline tells us that this actor currently stands at 5 feet 11 inches, has naturally brown hair, and blue eyes.

McCabe Slye roles

McCabe may be new to the Fear Street trilogy, but you may have seen this actor a few times before as he has starred in many other roles before ultimately landing his most recent role of Tommy.

His career took off back in 2018 when he starred in the short-lived but beloved NBC series, Rise. Shortly after this role, McCabe found even more success as he landed the role of Ryan in the film Destroyer, before ultimately landing his biggest role in the newest Netflix horror film.

We can’t wait to see McCabe Slye in more new films and series, but for now, we’ll enjoy him as sweet Tommy in Fear Street: 1978 streaming today only on Netflix!

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