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With the first-ever episode of Atypical being named “Antarctica,” it was only natural that this cold, barren location be the place that Sam desires to go to in Atypical season 4. He absolutely adores penguins, and what better way to show this love than to live amongst his favorite animals for a while?

Of course, being that this location is completely inhabitable by your average person, Sam’s big dreams were met with tons of concerns from both his loved ones and himself. Would Sam end up frozen and left to die like Niles Blanderman, or would he become adaptable enough to chase his big dreams with no doubts? We’re here to tell you whether Sam goes to Antarctica in the fourth season of the Netflix original. Check it out down below.

Warning: Spoilers for Atypical season 4 is up ahead!

Does Sam go to Antarctica in Atypical season 4?

In the end, Sam does, in fact, end up going to Antarctica in season 4, but of course, the road to this destination did not come without its challenges.

Once Sam became dead-set on taking this trip, he mapped out the things he would have to become more skilled at to not freeze to death in Antarctica. Being able to adapt to the cold, eating a strict diet and learning how to camp were all things that he did his best to learn how to do. Although he was successful in his planning, his execution definitely needed some work, especially after he doubted himself immensely.

Fortunately, his support system constantly backed him up and encouraged him to take the steps required to achieve his dreams. His father, Doug, taught him how to build a tent; his little sister, Casey, taught him how to endure cold temperatures as well as how to drive; his mother, Elsa, helped him try to expand his palette by making him pemmican and hoosh; and finally, his best friend, Zahid, was right there with him to help him through his fear of getting his blood drawn.

Now that Sam was stronger than ever, his Antarctica dreams were right in his grasp — at least until it was revealed that not enough people signed up for the program. Still, our resilient penguin kept going.

Sam realized that he didn’t need a program’s support to chase his dreams, he already had more than enough support from his family and friends. So much so, that his father decided to spend his 54 vacation days with his son in Antarctica.

We end the final season coming full circle, with Sam opening the door to the beautiful, icy lands of Antarctica. He smiles as he takes in the fact that he has done what season 1 Sam might have thought was impossible. And, of course, we were right there smiling with him.

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