FIFA 22 with HyperMotion ML technology on next-gen consoles and Stadia

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EA today shared the official reveal trailer for FIFA 22, revealing some of the new features from this year’s edition. The most exciting is HyperMotion, a machine learning-based technology that aims to deliver the most realistic football experience yet on next-generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X) and Google Stadia. Unfortunately it will not be available on PC.

HyperMotion technology enabled the integration of the first-ever motion capture of 22 high-intensity professional football players. In addition, EA’s proprietary machine learning algorithm learns from more than 8.7 million frames from advanced match capture and then writes new animations in real time to create organic football movements in a variety of interactions on the pitch. Whether it’s a shot, pass or cross, HyperMotion changes the way players move on and off the ball.


Deeper player intelligence, powered by the power of next-gen consoles, gives each individual the ability to better understand both offensive and defensive formations and movements, creating a new level of tactical realism.


The ability to make up to 6x more decisions per second gives attackers greater awareness of their surroundings, enables them to make smarter runs in the build-up game and react faster to loose balls.


Rewritten defensive AI gives teams the ability to act as a tactical unit, keeping their shape to move around the field and cover empty space.

FIFA 22 also features revamped goalkeepers, which should now exhibit more outspoken personalities and more overall consistency in their performance. Career Mode will have a new Create a Club experience, VOLTA FOOTBALL will feature ‘redesigned gameplay’ and the brand new FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes, which will have a unique league-specific chemistry tied to their specific hero moment, which is a green Club link yields to any player within the same league, as well as the usual national link.

Nick Wlodyka, GM at EA SPORTS FIFA, said in a statement:

FIFA 22 offers millions of fans around the world an opportunity to participate in the sport they love in an unprecedented way,” said . “Every player experiences FIFA in their own way, but on-field gameplay is the unifying constant, so we’re excited to bring deep innovation there, HyperMotion takes that even further on next-gen consoles and Stadia and completely changes the feel of the game.

The cover is again by Kylian Mbappe. FIFA 22 is now available for pre-order here; it will be released on October 1 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Origin and Steam, Stadia, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There will be a Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch.

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