SilverHawks reboot in development of Nacelle and Super7

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Deadline reports that The Nacelle Company is working on a reboot of SilverHawks, the 1980s animated series from Rankin/Bass Productions and the team behind it thunder cats.

Premiered in 1986 and runs for 65 episodes, SilverHawks followed a team of “part metal, part real” winged heroes of the 29th century formed to fight the alien mob boss Mon*Star and his slew of evil henchmen and lackeys.

The news of a new animated series follows the acquisition of the SilverHawks IP by pop culture toy maker Super7, which recently released a new line of SilverHawks Ultimates action figures.

SilverHawks is a beloved franchise that has been overlooked for far too long,” said Brian Flynn, founder and owner of Super7. “We are super excited to be working with Nacelle to SilverHawks back in the spotlight for die-hard fans and a new generation of fans to experience the magic of . to experience SilverHawks For the first time.”

“When I first spoke to Brian Flynn, I was like the Yes-Man character! “Yessss, tell me where to sign!” added Brian Volk-Weiss, founder and CEO of The Nacelle Company, whose credits include Netflix’s The toys that made us and Down to Earth with Zac Efron.


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