State of play – Arcadegeddon coming to PC and Playstation 5

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Arcadegeddon is a multiplayer shooter developed by IlFonics, famous studio behind Friday The 13th: The Game or even Predator: Hunting Grounds, which will soon welcome a new DLC and which we have announced to you. The game will be available for now on PC and Playstation 5 when it is released.

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Arcadegeddon Trailer

High color!

Arcadegeddon wants to be colorful, reminds us of a mix of Fortnite, splatoon see Knockout City for reference, so far from what?IlFonics has offered us so far.

You can try your hand at Arcadegeddon alone or with 4 in line by completing various minigames and challenges.

Gang leaders give you missions to complete in PvP or PvE, all this takes place on Gilly’s Arcade offering various items such as skins for example.

The game currently contains 7 weapon classes, 28 blasters, 25 hacks and 8 peak possibilities. Do you want to know more or just try it arcadegeddon, this one is in early Access on PS5 via the Playstation Store for 19.99 euros or 15.99 on the”Epic Games Store for gamers pc.

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