This smart Android app reveals an essential hidden secret about your phone

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A new Android app shows if your phone is still water resistant (Image: GETTY)

If you own an Android phone, consider downloading a very useful app. called Water Resistance Tester, it can check if your device is still able to survive a dip in the tub or if you will end up with an expensive repair bill.

As originally noted by Android Police, the app is available for download on the Google Play Store and promises to “help you test if the IP67/IP68 water resistance seals on your phone are still intact using the barometer built into your phone.” .”

Most modern phones should be able to be used in the rain or soak if you spill a drink on them.

However, as they age, the seals that keep them watertight can begin to deteriorate, meaning there’s a chance that liquid could take its place and damage the delicate insides.

This app aims to show how waterproof the phone in your pocket really is after years of use.

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The app works by simply feeling the pressure, via the built-in barometer, prompting users to press the screen with both thumbs. When the phone is completely shut down, the pressure inside the device increases, it’s as simple as that.

Now you may be wondering if it actually works, but judging by the Play Store reviews, it seems that a lot of people are seriously impressed.

“I have no idea how it works, but it does work lol, at least in the 4 test cases I’ve tried. Xperia 5 II (IP68, intact) – waterproof (not waterproof with the sim tray removed); Xperia XZ (IP68, corner broken open, screen replaced) – not waterproof; Galaxy S4 Mini (no IP rating) – not waterproof; Great app.”

While another said, “Actually a very brilliant and simple app, has to hand it to the developer to use the barometer in such a smart way. Tested a Galaxy S10+ (intact) Tested a Pixel 2 xl that was dropped and damaged and said it wasn’t intact. It’s not just looking up the device model, it’s a real test.”

If you know how well your Android device can handle a dip in the pool during the summer holidays, then it’s well worth it.

Keep in mind that the app only works with barometer phones and the developer also recommends removing all cases before trying it. Good luck!

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