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Call of Duty Cold War servers are out (Image: ACTIVISION)

Call of Duty Cold War servers are down for some gamers on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Gamers report issues with Cold War servers, including lag issues during live games and inability to log in.

Meanwhile, while some issues have been highlighted on Call of Duty Warzone, it doesn’t seem to be as widespread.

So far, there have been a few thousand reports of the Cold War server failure, meaning it may not be a widespread problem.

A message from an affected user: “Great, the screen goes black during a game and now I can’t connect to online services.”

Another user reports: “I was disconnected from matches several times and then booted completely from the game, I’m on PC, same thing happened to the other people I was playing with, one on PC and the other on the Xbox.”

“I keep getting rebooted into Series X. If I manage to finish one game, I’ll be rebooted from the next. Idk if it’s a Virginia thing or whatever.”

“I try to play private Outbreak matches, and I keep getting ‘disconnected from cold war servers, exit to desktop’, about 5 minutes at a time, sometimes less.”

More Call of Duty Cold War updates are expected if the current outage and server issues continue.


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