Final Fantasy XVI screenplay and voice recording are almost ready; Game may skip Tokyo Game Show 2021

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Development of Final Fantasy XVI is going smoothly, but it may take a while for the game to get back into action, judging by some recent statements.

Speaking during the special talk session of Final Fantasy XIV: The 7th 14-Hour Broadcast, as reported by Gematsu, Naoki Yoshida gave an update on the current development status, saying that the screenplay is nearing completion and the voice recording is in its final stages.

Unfortunately, it looks like Final Fantasy XVI will be shown until Naoki Yoshida is happy with the quality of the game. He also added that they might be showing something at the Tokyo Game Show in two months, but he has a feeling they might not be able to meet the deadline.

I’m not withholding more information just for the sake of it, but rather I want the following information to be something that “will convince everyone to buy the game.” Visual quality is a given, but battles and other unannounced key features will be included, and I want to present it as “Bam!” So nothing new until I’m satisfied.

This isn’t the first time Naoki Yoshida has talked about revealing more of Final Fantasy XVI and how he wants to make sure what they show will surprise players. Earlier this year, he said details are being withheld to avoid the disappointment that always comes from showing half-baked content.

Each person will probably have their own kind of idea or image of what the next Final Fantasy should be. Saying something half-baked is definitely a very high risk. When something is talked about, someone picks it up on social and it starts to spread and people start to form expectations. So with ‘Final Fantasy XVI’, every time we reveal more information about it, we hope to show what kind of game it’s going to bring and what kind of excitement we can bring

Final Fantasy XVI is not in development for PlayStation 5. A final release date has not yet been confirmed.

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