Nintendo Switch OLED in stock at Argos: pre-order now to avoid PS5 style disappointment

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Nintendo Switch OLED Model pre-order news (Image: NINTENDO)

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will be one of the must-have devices of 2021.

The newly announced OLED model has an improved screen, extra storage space and a superior stand.

Fans will be able to purchase the OLED model alongside Metroid Dread on October 8.

However, if the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S has taught us anything, it’s that pre-ordering is essential.

With Christmas coming shortly after the launch of the OLED model, the demand for the new Nintendo release is sure to be high.

Unfortunately for fans in the UK, Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders are not widely available.

Argos is one of the few retailers that allows customers to pre-order the device at the time of writing. You can buy the OLED model from Argos for £309.99. Click on the link below to pre-order now.

Elsewhere, fans won’t be able to pre-order the console, but will be able to register interest before launch.

This includes GAME, where customers can enter their email address to be notified when it’s back in stock.

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Pre-order a Nintendo Switch OLED from Argos

Click here to pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED model from Argos. The newest member of the Nintendo Switch family will be released on October 8, 2021.


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“We currently have no stock of the Nintendo Oled model. Enter your email below to sign up to receive email updates when stock is back in stock.”

The Nintendo Store also sells the OLED model for £309.99, although you’ll need to enter your email address again to register interest.

Finally, Amazon has a page for the OLED model, but no option to actually pre-order the device.

The Switch OLED model has many improvements over the original model, such as a wider adjustable stand for table mode and a LAN port for improved online performance.

With 64BG internal storage, the Nintendo Switch OLED model can hold more games, although you’ll probably still need an SD card if you’re downloading a lot of games.

Finally, Nintendo has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch OLED model will offer improved audio thanks to the beefier speakers.

Elsewhere, the stylish new console is launching with a brand new color scheme, as well as the classic Neon Red and Neon Blue lineup.

Fans can purchase a white model complete with white Joy-Con controllers, a black main unit and a white dock.

Unlike the Switch Lite, the OLED model supports both handheld and docked gameplay, meaning it can be played on the TV at home and on the go.

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