Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Raised Over $2.9 Million

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Summer Games Ready 2021 concluded raising over $2.9 million for charity. The recipient of the money is Doctors Without Borders. The seven-day, 24-hour charity stream, made up of video game speedrunning marathons, ran from July 4-11, 2021.

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 held speedruns of fan favorite games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Metroid, and Dark Souls III. The organization has archives of its streams on the official Games Ready Fast YouTube Channel. The total amount raised exceeded last year’s amount, as did Awesome Games Done Quick’s total in January 2021.

  • Final Total Donations: $2,903,000.35
  • Largest individual donation: $250,615.22
  • Average donation: $71.97
  • Median donation: $25.00
  • 153 runs
  • 218 prizes
  • 82 bids
  • 22,627 Donors
  • 40,336 donations

Over the course of 11 years, Games Done Quick has partnered with charities around the world to raise more than $34 million in total. For this most recent event, the organization teamed up with Doctors Without Borders. The charity’s mission is to provide life-saving medical care to those in need. Doctors Without Borders helps victims of natural or man-made disasters, victims of armed conflict and populations in need.

Additionally, Summer Games Done Quick 2021 announced Awesome Games Done Quick will return next year, possibly as a personal event. Next year’s charity stream will run from January 9-16, 2022.

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