The Beatles Get Back: Peter Jackson Reveals What ‘People Don’t Expect’ On The Show

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In November, Jackson’s revamped version of Let It Be will be released on Disney Plus under a new title: Get Back. The three-part documentary tells the 30-day story of how The Beatles wrote, wrote and recorded their last album, Let It Be, in 1969. The movies show how happy the band was together just months before they broke up and started suing each other. Jackson has now spoken out about the style and content of the film in a new interview.

Jackson began by saying, “It’s like a time machine takes us back to 1969 and we can sit in the studio watching these four friends make great music together.”

The original Let It Be movie went down in history when the band broke up on screen in real time.

However, Jackson says this is not the case. After more than 55 hours of filming, he has a very different story to tell.

He said: “There are probably more conversations with The Beatles in the movies than there is actually singing. I don’t think people will expect that.” (via GQ hype)

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The Beatles Get Back: Peter Jackson spoke out about the new movie (Image: GETTY)

The Beatles are coming back

The Beatles Get Back: The film tells the story of the band’s last days (Image: GETTY)

Jackson continued, “That kind of intimacy, that fly-on-the-wall aspect of it, where you’re in a time machine and you’ve gone back and you’re a fly on the wall with The Beatles. I think that’s going to surprise people.” because it is very intimate.

“They’re The Beatles like you’ve never seen them before. And the other thing that I think will surprise people is how funny the movies are, which, given the reputation of this footage and the Let It Be movie, doesn’t associate with January 1969, but they are very funny movies.”

The Lord of the Rings director then added: “They are all good friends and they remain good friends throughout the series. This is before the Allen Klein period where they start arguing.”

Jackson’s reference to Klein of Apple Corps is the tumultuous period when the band sued each other over ownership of The Beatles’ songs.

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The Beatles Get Back on the Roof

The Beatles Get Back: The Rooftop Performance (Image: GETTY)

Jackson continued: “It’s great to see them still friends, still composing. I read books that say John and Paul stopped writing songs during this time, but that’s not true.

“We have a lot of scenes where John and Paul are writing songs. I mean it’s on film, it’s on camera. So it’s really amazing to see how wrong a lot of these accounts have been. And it’s not because I have special insight or I have a secret understanding; it’s just that way on camera. You get overwhelmed by it.”

The director couldn’t avoid one of the more iconic arguments the band had to endure during the Let It Be recording sessions.

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The argument in question took place between Paul McCartney and George Harrison over the structure of a song.

Jackson revealed: “The moment when George argues with Paul, which you see in the original movie, is actually the worst thing there is. [their arguments].

“You know, when George says, ‘I play what you want me to play. Or I don’t play at all if you don’t want me to play’… ‘I’ll do anything to please you’ kind of thing.

“I tried not to use anything from Let It Be at all, so Get Back is completely different. I didn’t want to take over the original movie, so this is an accompanying piece. But the only area we broke is that rule is that little exchange between Paul and George, because I didn’t want to be accused of purging the movies by not having that, because that’s the little bit everyone remembers.”

Jackson also revealed that he hadn’t done much visual editing of the film.

Other than “color balancing skin tones,” he hadn’t changed a single color in the photo, making the 60s clothing styles really pop up on screen.

The Beatles Get Back will be released in three parts on Disney Plus on November 25, 26 and 27.


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