Trailer and poster for found footage clown horror Behind the Sightings

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Coinciding with the release, H13 Media shared a poster and trailer for the found footage horror Behind the Observations, which follows a young film-making couple who wanted to make a documentary about the much-discussed, creepy clown pandemic of 2016. Things don’t go as planned…

BTS cover-600x800

Based on more than 112 hours of recovered footage, Behind The Sightings follows Todd and Jessica Smith, the husband-and-wife film duo who investigated the grisly clown sighting epidemic of 2016.

The first sightings of clowns took place in August 2016 in Greenville, South Carolina. Authorities were warned by reports from neighborhood children that creepy clowns had appeared in the woods near an apartment complex. Clown sightings spread to all 50 states and across Europe. Todd and Jessica tried to track down clown eyewitnesses and the clowns involved in a series of eerie clown sightings that plagued a community in eastern North Carolina. What happened to them is deeply disturbing.

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Behind the Sightings is out now.

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