Can the flea market be simulated? July U.S. ultra-casual TOP20 welcome a variety of new products

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While domestic game manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to the huge potential of ultra-casual games, the US market, the main battlefield of ultra-casual games across the ocean, is also experiencing increasingly fierce competition. After a month, the three new products successfully divided the top three of the rankings, and two of the top three last month have disappeared from the list.

From the content point of view, the games on the list are becoming more and more grounded, and the content of many games fits the realities of life. The two games that simulate flea market transactions among the top two on the list are also related to the fact that more and more Americans have begun to trade in barter under the epidemic. In addition, categories such as body management, driving communications, and life simulation that were on the list last month are still on the list this month.

It is worth noting that the pure decompression game “Bubble Ouch: Pop it Fidgets” also reflects from the side the preference of players for the decompression and relaxation properties of ultra-casual games under the pressure of fast-paced modern life. The continued listing of “Bounce and collect” further proves that the market potential of decompression games cannot be underestimated.

The following GameLook will briefly introduce the TOP20 ultra-leisure products in this issue:

1.Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys

Developer: MagicLab

Online time: 2021/7/3

Size: 223.6M

“Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys” is a game that combines the core gameplay of the second-ranked “Trading Master 3D – Fidget Pop” and the fifth-ranked “Bubble Ouch: Pop it Fidgets”. Players need both Complete value-for-money transactions, and enjoy the joy of popping bubbles in the decompression game at the bonus level.

2.Trading Master 3D – Fidget Pop

Developer: Panteon

Online time: 2021/7/2

Size: 268.12M

“Trading Master 3D-Fidget Pop” is an ultra-casual game that imitates the real bartering method of the flea market. The core goal of the player is to exchange value-for-money toys with opponents. During the transaction, both buyers and sellers can ask each other to add trading chips at any time. Only when both parties confirm the transaction can the final transaction be completed. The indicator bar on the left will remind the player whether the transaction is worthwhile.

3.Affairs 3D: Silly Secrets

Developer: Alictus

Online time: 2021/6/13

Size: 570.83M

“Affairs 3D: Silly Secrets” is a Sims game, but the object of this simulation is all kinds of conflicts about “desire” that you may encounter in your life. On the one hand, you have to find ways to achieve such as cheating Desire, on the other hand, you have to find a way to avoid being discovered by your girlfriend. Only by continuously improving your ability to deceive can you survive the endless conflict.

4.Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D

Developer: Tap2Play LLC

Online time: 2021/5/19

Size: 201.21M

“Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D” is a super casual game with parkour gameplay. Players need to control a large number of stickmen and continuously increase their power in the game to win the ultimate victory. The game perfectly combines puzzle gameplay with actions. It not only provides many props, but also has mechanisms for increasing the number of people at each node, allowing players to experience unique and interesting gameplay.

5.Bubble Ouch: Pop it Fidgets

Developer: Wannaplay LLC

Online time: 2021/4/17

Size: 180.43M

“Bubble Ouch: Pop it Fidgets” is a pure decompression game. All players need to do is to pop the bubbles on various ornaments, just like when they were young, everyone loved to pop the bubble paper that wrapped the TV remote control. . Pop all the bubbles to unlock the next level.

6.Arrow Fest

Developer: Rollic Games

Online time: 2021/6/7

Size: 251.33M

“Arrow Fest” is a parkour game with arrows as the theme. Players need to control an arrow to continuously grow their own power during the flight. The more arrows at the end, the higher the score. Each node has a mechanism to increase or decrease the number of arrows, and there will be villains on the way. Arrows go forward, if you choose to pass through the villain, arrows will be consumed, which will affect the number of arrows that will eventually arrive.

7.Queen Bee!

Developer: Rollic Games

Online time: 2021/4/29

Size: 421.03M

“Queen Bee!” is an ultra-casual game that combines the theme of female dress-up and parkour. Players need to manipulate female characters to continuously collect trendy outfits that can get more likes on their way to the end, while avoiding all kinds of unpopular outfits or traps such as puddles, and their popularity when they reach the end. The higher, the more you can become a well-deserved “Queen Bee”.

8.Run of Life

Developer: Voodoo

Online time: 2021/3/13

Size: 260.55M

“Run of Life” is a parkour game aiming at the journey of life. The player’s goal is to keep his age as low as possible during the parkour process. Before entering the end, the player’s initial age is lower. , The more ladders you can climb on your way to heaven (to get higher total points), the player will die when they reach 80 years of age (for settlement), so they strive to keep themselves young and talented through road selection and props assistance It is the best policy.

9.Hair Dye!

Developer: Crazy Labs

Online time: 2021/1/15

Size: 180.67M

“Hair Dye!” is an ultra-casual game with hair styling as the theme. Players need to implement corresponding hair styling according to customer requirements, and upgrade their barber shop by continuously acquiring gold coins. Most of the operations in the game are achieved by tapping and sliding, so although the hairstyle requirements are complicated, it is not difficult to operate.

10.Paper Fold

Developer: Good Job Games

Online time: 2021/3/14

Size: 175.85M

“Paper Fold” is a casual origami game. The game successfully combines three-dimensional origami with two-dimensional puzzles. Each level of the game is equipped with different cartoon patterns, allowing players to fold in a certain order of folding to form a complete plane pattern, which can exercise memory and logic at the same time It can also achieve a good decompression effect.

11.Project Makeover

Developer: Magic Tavern, Inc.

Online time: 2019/11/20

Size: 270.58M

“Project Makeover” is a casual match-3 game with makeup styling as the theme. This game has a history of nearly two years. By scoring points in the match-3 part, players can unlock more costumes or upgrade their modeling studio. The fusion of makeup and the favorite theme of the two major European and American female players makes this game enduring.

12.Subway Surfers

Developer: Sybo Games ApS

Online time: 2012/5/24

Size: 324.6M

“Subway Surfers” is a long parkour game with a history of nearly ten years. Players need to play a character who runs desperately on subway tracks to avoid being caught by the police. As one of the purest parkour games, the game’s The core gameplay is to keep avoiding obstacles and collect as many gold coins as possible during the run. You can get resurrection opportunities or extra items by watching advertisements.

13.Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game

Developer: Amanotes Pte. Ltd.

Online time: 2018/12/15

Size: 385.94M

“Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game” is one of the best free piano games. After a long period of silence, it finally ushered in another outbreak. In addition to the piano, this game also integrates various other instruments. The gameplay mode is also worth the player to download and experience again.

14.Bridge Race


Online time: 2020/12/9

Size: 201.28M

“Bridge Race” is a parkour game with multiplayer online competitions. Players need to collect wood boards of their own exclusive colors to build bridges. At the same time, competition factors are added during the construction process. Players can use other people’s bridges to build their own bridges, which can save a lot of wood boards. It should be noted that in the process of extending the wooden bridge, you must avoid organs and traps, otherwise the bridge body may be fatally injured.

15.Chatty Driver – Yes or No

Developer: MagicLab

Online time: 2021/4/29

Size: 364.47M

“Chatty Driver – Yes or No” is a funny game that reproduces the stupid behavior of using a mobile phone while driving. When your girlfriend starts texting you, you can drive and text at the same time, but the player must click a series of buttons in the correct order to send the message. You need to pay attention to traffic rules and comfort your girlfriend. Of course, the objects to be comforted may also include your parents, children, and teachers.


Developer: Gigantic LTD

Online time: 2018/6/7

Size: 112.34M

“Clawee” is also a long-lasting ultra-casual game. Its core gameplay is to simulate a claw machine. For players, instead of going to the offline claw machine to waste a lot of money and fail to catch the desired doll, it is better to feel the joy of catching the doll directly in this more simple and easy-to-operate virtual claw machine.

17.Hair Challenge

Developer: Rollic Games

Online time: 2021/4/1

Size: 233.06M

“Hair Challenge” is a casual game that focuses on collecting parkour. Players play the role of a princess with long hair cut off in the game. Collect as many hairs of the same color as possible in the level, so that the length of the hair gradually becomes longer. , And finally get a higher multiple of points at the end. In addition to collecting hair, players also need to pay attention to avoiding powerful gears in the level to prevent a hair from being cut off.

18.Body Run 3D

Developer: Voodoo

Online time: 2021/5/1

Size: 489.12M

“Body Run 3D” is a fun casual parkour breakthrough game. There are various obstacles in the game, which need to be avoided flexibly, and more food must be collected at the same time. Eating cucumbers can make you thin, eating burgers can make you fat, and you can control fat and thin freely to pass the level faster. Of course, the difficulty of each level is not low, it also tests the player’s coordination ability.

19.Pull the Pin

Developer: Popcore GmbH

Online time: 2020/1/24

Size: 503.56M

“Pull the Pin” is an “escape” game that uses small balls as the object. Players need to remove the key and let the small balls fall into the glass bottle at the bottom of the screen. Note that there will be bombs and other obstacles that will damage the small Ball, so players need to find a way to keep the ball from encountering the bomb.

20.Bounce and collect

Developer: Voodoo

Online time: 2021/2/17

Size: 201.57M

“Bounce and collect” is a casual puzzle game launched by Voodoo. Compared with the simple drop of a small ball, this game adds the concept of doubling in the process of falling. Players need to drop the bouncy ball at the correct place. The ball will automatically go through the double lever during the process of falling according to the physical characteristics. A large number of bouncing balls are generated, and the number of bouncing balls that finally fall to the bottom of the level can not only help the player accumulate stars, but also improve the player’s ranking on the world leaderboard.

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