Cliff Chiang’s Lonely City is coming this fall

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Catwoman gets her own DC Black Label miniseries from writer and artist Cliff Chiang in Catwoman: Lonely City come autumn. The story sees Catwoman on her own adventure in Gotham City, years after the deaths of Batman, The Joker, Nightwing and Commissioner Gordon. View the cover below, the variant cover by artist Jock and some designs by Chiang…

The official summary foresee Catwoman: Lonely City is reading:

Ten years ago, the massacre known as Fools’ Night claimed the lives of Batman, The Joker, Nightwing and Commissioner Gordon… and sent Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, to prison. A decade later, Gotham has come of age — it has discarded costumed heroism and roguery as childish things. The new Gotham is cleaner, safer… and a lot less free, under the watchful eye of Mayor Harvey Dent and his Batcops. Selina Kyle returns to this new city, a changed woman… with her mind on that last big point: the secrets hidden in the Batcave! She doesn’t need the money – she just needs to know… who is “Orpheus?”

Catwoman: Lonely City marks a return to DC for Chiang. He previously created artwork on his and Brian Azzarello’s run of Wonder Woman also working on Green arrow and black canary, Zatanna and Batman Black & White. Chiang will write, draw, color and letter all four numbers of the miniseries.

Catwoman-Lonely-City-Jock variant



Each book will be 48 pages long and will be released in the Prestige Plus format that most Black Label series created. You can see more of a preview of the series on the DC Comics website.

Catwoman: Lonely City #1 will be published October 19.

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