Coalition UE5 Xbox Series X|S Tech Demo “Alpha Point” Receives First Screenshot; Public debut at GDC 2021

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The Coalition’s Unreal Engine 5 Xbox Series X|S tech demo “Alpha Point” has received its first screenshot.

Microsoft’s Gears of War developer is hosting a visual art session at this year’s GDC event, during which the studio’s Studio Technical Art Director, Colin Penty, and Technical Director Kate Rayner will show a technical demo of Alpha Point. on Xbox Series X.

According to the coalition, participants in the visual arts session will learn about the workings of Unreal Engine 5’s new visual systems, including Nanite, Lumen, Megascans and MetaHumans.

The Coalition will debut a UE5 Technical Demo “Alpha Point” on Xbox Series X, made to evaluate UE5 internally. The talk will explore the lessons the team learned from creating assets with Nanite resolution and incorporating them into a full real-time lighting scenario using Lumen and Virtual Shadow Maps. Performance and memory observations are covered for Xbox Series X and S, as well as VFX, Blueprint, Material Configuration, Temporal Super Resolution, and Virtual Texture findings. The Coalition will also cover some preliminary findings on next-gen character creation and MetaHumans integration, as well as demonstrate a next-generation character test running on Xbox Series X.

Prior to this presentation later this month, Epic Games has: now shared the first screenshot for this internal tech demo, which can be seen at the top of this post.

“Watch the public debut of Alpha Point, a UE5 technical demo created by The Coalition to evaluate UE5 on Xbox Series X/S,” Epic Games wrote on its Unreal Engine blog. “Hear what the team learned as they tested internal Nanite assets in Lumen-driven lighting scenarios, as well as their thoughts on how the UE5’s performance and memory stack up in Xbox Series X and S-style production environments.”

The 1-hour presentation will take place at GDC 2021 on Tuesday, July 20 at 1:20 PM.

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