Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Console Release Delayed Until PC Version Is Fixed

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A few weeks ago, Frontier released Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, and reactions to the expansion have been mixed to say the least. Odyssey’s new missions on foot have been hampered by glitches, poor performance, and other issues. Frontier has tried to put the experience on the map through updates, but it seems they still have a lot of work ahead of them as company founder David Braben is today console versions of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey have been indefinitely delayed as they focus on fixing the game on PC…

The significant amount of updates and development efforts made to fix and improve issues since the launch of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has meant that work on our console release has not progressed as quickly as we’d hoped. In addition, we can see that the progress we’ve made through the last five major updates is positive, but we need to continue with this progress to deliver the experience you and we expect on PC.

With that in mind, we spent a lot of time discussing and re-evaluating our previous plans and made the decision to prioritize the core PC experience for Elite Dangerous. Ultimately, we think it’s good to focus our efforts on the core Elite Dangerous Odyssey experience for the platforms we’ve released on before opening up to more. We know that the work we are doing to improve players’ experiences with Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PC will benefit other platforms in the future, but the dates and details of the console platforms will change. We don’t want to rush into confirming any dates or changes this will have on our console release, as we need to focus entirely on the core Elite experience.

Braben promises more patches for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey in the coming months, which will be detailed in monthly development updates. Update 6 is currently in the works.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is currently available for PC. No word on when the expansion will arrive on consoles, but it was originally slated for a 2021 vacation, so expect it to slip at least in early 2022.

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