Game Update: Operation Tango Update 1.06 Patch Notes Details

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Operation Tango has been updated to version 1.06 by Clever Plays today. You can find the full patch notes for this update here.

Set in a high-tech world of the near future, Operation: Tango is a spy-themed cooperative adventure that challenges you and a companion to perform dangerous missions around the world. As a two-person team, you and your partner assume the roles of AGENT and HACKER, working together to bring a high-tech global threat to its knees. Teamwork and communication are essential when you only have your voice to connect.

Operation Tango Update 1.06 Patch Notes Notes

– Fixed connection issue in the Lock Pick gameplay
– Fixed a bug that prevented the various Mission Selection screen buttons from activating after completing a mission.
– Fixed a bug that made it impossible to go beyond the ID transfer in Mission 2 when the OS was set to an unsupported language such as Arabic

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