Karen Gillan Says “There Were Full Tears” After Reading Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 Script

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While production is on Guardians of the Universe Vol.3 won’t start production until later this year, one of the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has confirmed that she’s read the script and expressed her opinion on the third film.

In an interview with Collider to promote her upcoming Netflix movie Gunpowder Milkshake, Karen Gillan, who has played Nebula in both guards movies too Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, stated that she believes Vol.3 is writer/director James Gunn’s strongest work to date in the MCU.

“I read that script with Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis. We read it together and we both cried and laughed, but there were full tears. It’s incredible, I think it’s James’ strongest work yet with the Guardians and it’s just brilliant. It’s brilliant and it’s emotional and it’s funny and it’s all those things you want,” Gillan said.


Although the third guardians of the galaxy film is currently slated for release in 2023 due to the pandemic and the firing of director James Gunn by Disney, Gillan will reprise her role in the film’s fourth installment Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder, alongside Chris Pratt, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista and Sean Gunn — slated for release on May 6, 2022.

While plot details for Vol.3 kept a secret, it’s safe to assume all Guardians will return, including Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Dave Bautista as Drax, Vin Diesel as Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, Pom Klementieff as Mantis, Sean Gunn as Kraglin and Rocket Raccoon, and Karen Gillan as Nebula.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is scheduled for release on May 5, 2023.

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