Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is out, here’s everything you need to know!

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We introduced you to Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin at E3. The continuation of the previous Monster Hunter Stories is finally available. Here’s what you need to know about the history and gameplay, we’ll tell you everything.

The story

The game takes place on thehakolo island when the Rathalos gradually disappear from the world. To save the world, you are the progeny of Red, the Rider at the Monstie Ratha Guardian. You meet thenEna a Wyverian woman who knew Red, your grandfather. The Guardian Ratha has entrusted Ena with an egg, which she must keep, together you will leave Hakolo Island. When the adventure is just beginning, the egg hatches and the curse begins:

“If the wings spread, evil will befall the land.”

In front of still don’t protect your flying destroyer Ratha, you are accompanied by Kaynan, a rider from Mahana village and also navirou, a world traveler Feline who loves to eat.

Your friends will help you with Mysterious riders, who want to grab your loved one monsie. Without counting your first enemy, Kylea, an apprentice fighter, who wants to put an end to your Ratha Destroyer whom he prophesies deems dangerous.

Your adventure is set in a rich world thanks to the word list that matters 31 monsters to catch. All in a world divided into seven zones, all including a special base. Here are a few :

  • The Jardin de Pomore and its refuge Feline;
  • Hakolo Island and the lavish Mahana Village;
  • Terga, a difficult volcanic place to live.

This story and this world welcome you with gameplay adapted in the way of a I like pokemon, without losing the soul of Monster Hunter.


Monster Hunter is known for their action packed battles against fearless monsters. In Monster Hunter Stories these are: turn-based tactical combat, but the action and strategy to cut the monsters to pieces is there.

By the way, there is a difference between monsters and samples who they are trapped monsters because you are a rider and not a hunter.

But before you dive into this exciting adventure, you need to create your character.

Customize your hero

First, you have the choice of a boy or a girl. Customize your character’s appearance between features, hairstyle, or makeup as desired. No worries, you can change your look later and even you add armor hard, but we’ll get to that.

Once your character is created, dive into the adventure with Kayna, the Horseman of the village, she will give you your first Monstie and a weapon.

You are now ready for battle.

The combat system

Monster Hunter Stories is derived from classic Monster Hunter battles, to make way for turn-based combat.
Through these battles you have to… choose an attack type between: power, speed or technique. This type of attack is played as rock, paper, scissors.

Paying attention to your enemy is the key to a successful fight – Monster Hunter

Power wins over technique, technique is more effective against speed, and speed wins over power. You will have to pay attention to the style of your opponent, who can change his behavior at all times!

To be more powerful in battle, you must form a duo with your Monstie. This link will make it easier for you to beat your opponent.

Together you are stronger – Monster Hunter

You must then friendship talents, these talents are activated with the friendship meter which is recharged at the end of each turn.

Break a part of the monster and you will get its power from it – Monster Hunter

This is of course possible during collisions break parts of the monster, to restore them. These parts can be used to forge or improve your equipment. As in all Monster Hunters, to break parts of monsters you must: customize your weapon type against the monster you are fighting.

Weapons and Crafts

Having the right equipment during battle is ideal, you will have to choose from the 6 types of weapons offered herein Monster Hunters Stories 2 know :

  • The Great Sword;
A sharp and offensive weapon, fill the load meter for more powerful attacks – Monster Hunter
  • The hammer ;
The perfect blunt weapon to crush monster parts – Monster Hunter
  • The shield sword;
A sharp weapon that combines damage and defense, his powerful talents allow him to reduce the damage taken – Monster Hunter
  • the hunting horn;
A blunt weapon, its music sustains your allies – Monster Hunter
  • the bow;
A penetrating weapon whose attacking abilities increase your opponent’s chances of getting abnormal status – Monster Hunter
  • The Lance Canon.
A perforating weapon whose ammunition is used to charge the Friendship Meter – Monster Hunter

These weapons are divided into: three categories : sharp, blunt and penetrating. Get ready for the monster you want to fight. By selecting the right type of weapon, you have a higher chance of destroying part of the monster.

Monster Hunter is a license known for its monster battles as well as its crafts, and this spin-off is not to be missed. Whether in battle or in the free world, collecting material is essential.
You will have to spend time collecting the different materials to make a weapon, armor or healing potions for example.

But this is not the only essential point. Monster Hunter Stories 2 also relies on the relationship with your monsters and more specifically on the egg harvest and transfer rituals.

Eggs and Transfer Rituals

If you don’t want to fight, look for the eggs in the monster caves hidden all over the world. You will hopefully find some unusual eggs that have a rare gene.

Inside perhaps a rare monster – Monster Hunter

One thing’s for sure, it won’t be easy. When you leave for the den, the monster may come out of its stupor or quickly return to the nest, it’s up to you to see if it’s worth it. Once the egg is stolen, take it to the stable to hatch it, the Monstie will accompany you everywhere in your adventure.

Put your legs around your neck, monster mom is not very happy! – Monster Hunter

Concerning transfer rites and genes, you can apply the gene from one Monstie to another Monstie so that it more powerful and unique.
The choice of gene is made on the basis of: its element and type of attack, by matching three elements/types of attacks, you will then get a overpowered monster.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has no shortage of content, be it through egg research, crafting, or even the multiplayer system and post-game content.

Multiplayer and post-game content

Monster Hunter Stories 2 also has a multiplayer mode. You can connect with your friends or hunters around the world.
Team up to be stronger against other monsters or hunt for eggs and rare monsters with your friends.
Or go head to head in versus mode until four players in combat arenas.

And if the multiplayer content doesn’t excite you, Monster Hunter Stories 2 offers a ton of post-game content, so you get ten hours of playtime at the end.
Hours in which you can explore the immense area of ​​. can explore ancestral cave or even collect all your experience to be victorious in the missions reserved for the best Riders.

Not to mention the content additions in the future, moreover the next update will be released on July 15 with a new Monster, the Chumsky.

YouTube video
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin launch trailer – Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is ideal for those who want to discover the license, the bases and the universe or for all fans of Monster Hunter.

The game is offered on Nintendo Switch and pc through Steam.

Take to the skies with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin!
Raise monsters and fight with them in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin on Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – Nintendo

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