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The Netflix original series Never Have I Ever was one of the most popular shows last year with over 40 million viewers tuning in to watch every second of this hilarious yet heartfelt series.

Fans of the show absolutely adored Devi’s authenticity and love how relatable her high school experience was to many of ours. From the unpredictable mood changes to having to choose between two extremely cute boys, Devi’s life as a high school student makes us nostalgic as we remember those days fondly.

While older fans of the original series are enjoying a trip down memory lane, the younger viewers may be wondering whether Never Have I Ever is appropriate for them to watch, especially considering the fact that they have yet to even step foot into a high school.

Don’t worry young ones, we’re here to tell you all about the age rating for the original series so that you can know if you can binge-watch the show in time for season 2.

Never Have I Ever age rating

As of right now, Netflix has given the series an age rating of TV-14, which, according to Netflix’s maturity ratings, would involve some parental guidance for those 14 and under. The classification is certainly warranted given the fact that the series does include mature topics that may not be appropriate for younger ones to hear or see.

We know waiting a couple of more years until you can watch Devi’s heartfelt story will feel like forever, which is why we’re recommending a few age-appropriate shows on Netflix just like Never Have I Ever.

iCarly is a show that features a few love triangles and unexpected relationships but is still very much so kid-friendly. Julie and The Phantoms handles mature conversations like death but also does so in an age-appropriate manner, and Ashley Garcia Genius in Love is a great watch for you genius youngins out there.

There a slew of Netflix shows just like Never Have I Ever available to watch, and we know that it’ll do just the trick while you wait a little longer. And don’t panic, Devi’s story will be right there waiting for you to watch in a few years.

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