Netflix Original: Virgin River tops Manifest as the most popular show on Netflix in July 2021 – Netflix News

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Manifest has been bumped from the No. 1 spot on the Netflix Top 10 by the new season of a Netflix original series.

Virgin River is now the No. 1 show on Netflix US. Virgin River season 3 premiered on Netflix on Friday, July 9, 2021. Fans obviously are binge-watching the new season (and the full series) on Netflix.

Manifest, which has been the top show on Netflix basically since the middle of June, has been bumped from No. 2.

Top shows on Netflix

As mentioned, Virgin River is the new No. 1 show on Netflix. It’s been the top show on Netflix since the season premiered on Friday and all weekend long.

Manifest didn’t fall too far, and it’s probably still head and shoulders above the rest of the shows on the list. The first two seasons of Manifest are streaming on Netflix. Manifest season 3 should be on Netflix soon-ish. We’ll share the release date when we find out.

Unfortunately, Manifest season 4 is not happening (as of right now). NBC canceled the show, and Netflix has not picked up the series.

Speaking of season 4s, Virgin River has reportedly been renewed for season 4 at Netflix. Production is expected to start soon, so we should see the Virgin River season 4 release date on Netflix soon.

Atypical ranks No. 3 on the list of the top shows on Netflix right now. The fourth and final season was added to Netflix on July 9, as well.

The rest of the top five shows on Netflix is rounded out by Sex/Life and Cocomelon. 

The following top shows on Netflix right now are: Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Too Hot to Handle, How to Become a Tyrant, The Cook of Castamar, and Big Timber.

If you need a new show on Netflix to watch right now, check out the list of the best Netflix shows. You’ll find Virgin River and Manifest on the list!

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