Red Dead Online Update Time and Early RDR2 Blood Money Patch Notes

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Red Dead Online Blood Money Update News (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

A new Red Dead Online update will be launched this week that will add the latest game expansion: Red Dead Redemption Online: Blood Money.

RDR2 has slowly grown in content over the past few years, but gamers have been waiting a while for the upcoming summer patch.

The good news is that the wait is almost over and developers Rockstar Games are expected to follow up on the new Red Dead Online update with patch notes.

These will be released after the patch goes live; however, we don’t have an exact time. Here’s what we expect from this week’s PS4, Xbox One, and PC release:


Based on previous releases, this week’s Red Dead Online Blood Money update is expected to be released on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 2:00 PM BST.

Rockstar Games doesn’t normally share an exact release time, so we don’t expect any further updates on this topic.

We also don’t know how big this update will be for RDR2, but we expect it to be less than 10GB for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Unless Rockstar plans on making some background changes to the mode that they haven’t announced yet.

After this week’s Red Dead Redemption 2 update is released, a collection of patch notes will be posted.

These should list everything that has changed in the game and list all the bugs that have been squashed since earlier this summer.

More news is also expected to be shared regarding the new content being released, including some deep dives into what to expect from the new activities.

Rockstar Games has announced that they will be experimenting more with the game pass, this time turning it into a series that can be purchased for 25 Gold Bar.

A message from the Red Dead Online team reveals: “The Quick Draw Club is a series of four different rapid-fire passes, arriving in successive parts over the next few months.

“By buying each membership you are entitled to rewards, bonuses and items that help you live a life on the edge of the law – starting with the Dutch outfit, The Redcliff. With each successive pass you purchase, you will earn additional benefits and rewards for continuing the journey.

“Each pass costs 25 gold bars, all of which you earn back by completing the pass’s 25 ranks. As an added bonus, players who purchase all four passes will receive the upcoming Halloween Pass 2 for free.”

The main draw of Blood Money will give fans of the Wild West the chance to monetize new crimes and opportunities.

This will be accomplished by performing heists, or because this is a Red Dead Online thing – daring heists.

These jobs will be called Crimes and they will build on what was found in the single player experience.

Crimes range from cloak-and-dagger coach robberies to multi-stage robberies – including kidnapping and debt collection.

These will lead to bigger jobs, with a message from Rockstar Games explaining: “If you raise enough capital for Guido Martelli, opportunities open up. These are sent by Martelli in a plan to suffocate a rising Lemoyne senator who is disrupting Bronte operations across the region.

“Each Opportunity can reveal different approaches to the task – listen in to nearby conversations or look out for important targets to discover new avenues to completion and weaken this politician’s position by bringing each of the three Jewels of the West to Martelli. bring.”

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