Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Console Version Will Be Delayed To Prioritize PC Version

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Game developer Frontier Developments recently announced that the PC development of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will be a top priority while the console release is delayed.

The developers have heard the feedback from the community and will act on it immediately. The second paid expansion, Odyssey, will have to be put on hold for the console version. They have decided to prioritize the PC version first and fix the issues before tackling the console version.

CEO and founder David Braben stated at the: official forums that the team is committed to continuing the PC experience in the best possible way. They spent a lot of time discussing and re-evaluating what to do with plans and finally decided to focus all their attention on the PC experience. “Only if we feel like the foundation of the PC release is solid can we re-build our console roadmap on top of it,” he said.

More game updates are coming in the coming months, Braben revealed. There will be more work through Issue Tracker, fixing bugs and improving performance. They will also explore how to add more features, content, and improvements.

Braben promises that they will continue to provide more open monthly development updates for the game.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is now available on PC while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are delayed.

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