Game Update: Decenders Update 1.18 Patch Notes Details

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Descenders has been updated to version 1.18 by RageSquid today. Here are the full patch notes for this new update, including all the new additions.

Descenders is a blazing fast extreme downhill bike game from the makers of Action Henk. It’s easy to pick up, yet hard to master. It’s modern extreme downhill freeriding with procedurally generated environments and real-world consequences for mistakes. The new update has added support for new Bike Parks and Ride customizations, including Beards. Check out the details below.

Decenders Update 1.18 Patch Notes Notes

  • New Bike Parks
  • New rider adjustments
  • BEARDS!!

According to the developers, this update adds 3 new bike sheds, new customization options, the PRIDE redemption code and a bouncy castle in the hub world. More details will be shared later.

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