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The epic Russian action film Major Grom: Plague Doctor has been making noise in Netflix’s TV rankings and their overall Top 10 making it a must-watch affair for subscribers. The thrilling endeavor is a hit on the streamings service, and many people are eager to know what is happening with Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2.

The popular action flick based on the comic of the same name follows Police Major Igor Grom, a prominent purveyor of justice in St. Petersburg that always gets the bad guys with little trouble. But things change when the Plague Doctor arrives to cleanse the city of its filth and take out the scum that is avoided just because of their social standing or money.

There is no denying that Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a worthwhile endeavor for fans of the genre, especially once it’s done so well on Netflix. So it’s no surprise people are inquiring about a potential second movie.

Here is absolutely everything fans need to know about the Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2 release date and more.

How many Major Grom: Plague Doctor movies are there?

So far, there is only one feature-length Major Grom: Plague Doctor movie based on the source material of the same name, and it is currently available on Netflix. The chart-topping feature has a runtime of 137 minutes. The first film in the franchise was a short film titled Major Grom, which was meant to be a test project before a full-length movie was executed and then was later deemed not canon.

Is there going to be a sequel to Major Grom: Plague Doctor?

Despite the film’s success on the streaming service, there are no official plans to make another film. But it is also important to remember that there has been no official word that the franchise is over. Its box office returns were not ideal, but its popularity on the streamer could prove to be helpful in securing a Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2 motion picture.

What is Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2’s runtime?

No official runtime for Major Grom: Plage Doctor 2 at this time, and that information probably won’t be available until after news of a sequel becomes official. As mentioned before, the movie is 137 minutes, so it’s safe to assume the next ordeal would have a similar runtime.

When is Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2 filming?

No official production schedule or timetable has been revealed for Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2 yet. However, once it is confirmed that an additional installment is happening, that information will surely present itself.

Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2 release date

There is no official release date for Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2, and any news on the premiere will most likely arrive after it’s announced another chapter is officially on the way. The first iteration took some time to get made, so it’s anyone’s guess when another iteration could arrive.

They finished shooting the first one in 2019, and it didn’t release until 2021. So if one had to guess, Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2 could show up in 2024 if they start shooting in 2022.

This is all just speculation for now. Make sure to follow Netflix Life for more information as it comes out regarding the Major Grom: Plague Doctor 2 release date and more.

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