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Netflix’s horror movie series event–The Fear Street trilogy–comes to a close Friday, July 16. We’re finally going to find out how the Shadyside curse was placed on the land, and what sparked Sarah Fier’s bloody vengeance.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 will introduce viewers to Union, the settlement Sunnyvale and Shadyside once were before they were split into two disparate towns. There was a time, before the curse, when things were peaceful. The witch disrupted that peace, as she has for centuries.

Will Deena and Josh be able to put an end to her murder spree? Will they be able to save Sam who’s turned into a Shadyside killer? If it couldn’t be done before, what makes them think it can be done now?

The end of the movie series is set to give us answers. Here’s when you’ll be able to watch the final movie in the Fear Street trilogy.

Fear Street Part 3 release time

If you’re looking to watch right when the film drops, the third Fear Street movie lands on Netflix Friday, July 16 at 12:01 AM PT. East coast fans of the series will have to stay up until the witching hour to walk the woods with Sarah Fier at 3:01 AM ET.

Beware, Netflix Lifers, Sarah’s story isn’t for the faint of heart. If you thought the horrors were terrifying in the first two parts of the trilogy, this last movie will have your head spinning. It’s a bloody, gory, and winding tale that’ll make your skin crawl.

1666, a year that bears the mark of the Devil, spelled ruin for the descendants of the Union villagers. 300 years of killings and loved ones lost. If Deena and Josh can’t find a way to stop her, the murderous tradition will continue and they could lose their lives.

Watch the Fear Street Part 3 trailer below:

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