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Cobra Kai is officially an Emmy-nominated Netflix original series! Fans can’t wait to see Cobra Kai season 4 on Netflix.

Luckily, the wait for the Cobra Kai season 4 release date shouldn’t be too much longer. We have some release date updates and rumors to share about the new season of Cobra Kai.

We now have a release date window for Cobra Kai season 4. We’ve shared what we know about the new season below!

Cobra Kai season 4 release date

It was announced earlier this year that Cobra Kai season 4 would be released on Netflix sometime in Q4, which is October 1 through the rest of the year. Then, we didn’t hear much of anything about the new season release date for several months.

It’s been reported that the creators of Cobra Kai, including Jon Hurwitz, confirmed the release timeline for Cobra Kai season 4. So, it sounds like Cobra Kai season 4 is coming to Netflix in October, November or December of this year, and we just have to figure out when that will happen.

Right now, Netflix has a few shows and movies set for October with Locke and Key season 2 and December with The Witcher season 2 and Money Heist season 5. Obviously, there is a lot of time around those shows to release Cobra Kai season 2.

For the time being, it’s looking more likely that Cobra Kai season 4 will be released sometime in November or for New Year’s Eve 2021. We don’t see a lot of shows and movies, outside of holiday titles, planned for a November release on Netflix. I also don’t think we’ll see Cobra Kai season 4 crammed in between Money Heist season 5 on Dec. 3 and The Witcher season 2 on Dec. 17.

I hope we get to see Cobra Kai season 4 in October. That’s definitely possible given that production wrapped this spring, but we just don’t know if Netflix will want to release the new season that early.

I’m assuming Cobra Kai season 4 will be tied to some holiday (either Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve).

That’s our prediction for Cobra Kai season 4 right now. Stay tuned for more news about the new season.

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