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The Boys is one of the most-watched superheroes shows out there, and now that it has been nominated for Outstanding Drama at the Emmys, the demand to see the series has risen to an all-time high. So it’s probably safe to say many subscribers are more than age to know when the show will become available to stream on Netflix.

The show is based on the mature-themed comic of the same name, and after two runs, the gripping series has achieved significant critical acclaim, especially on Rotten Tomatoes. The Boys also become the first non-Netflix original series to appear on the Nielsen Top 10 streaming show list, solidifying its dominance amongst the ever-expanding number of comic book-related titles surfacing all the time.

The story of the well-received series focuses on a group of vigilantes with no powers, led by the diabolical Billy Butcher, who takes on powerful superheroes who use their extraordinary abilities in selfish and nefarious ways through whatever extreme measure’s needed to take down beings with immense power. So far, there have been two exemplary seasons of exhilarating, hard-hitting action unlike anything seen within the stacked genre.

Whether it’s the cast, story, or accomplishments, there is no denying that The Boys is an epic experience to behold, and it’s not shocking to find out there has been a lot of inquiries as to when it will be making its way to Netflix.

When will The Boys be on Netflix?

It does not seem like there are actually any plans for The Boys to be available to stream on Netflix. There have been no announcements regarding the series making its way to the streaming service any time in the near future.

The main reason The Boys won’t be available on Netflix is that it’s one of the biggest hits of one of its mainstreaming competitors. Amazon, the same outfit that delivers people’s sunscreen, is the home of Emmy-nominated superhero show and they most assuredly don’t want to share.

There are so many other options available to enjoy on Netflix. Titles such as Project Power, The Old Guard, The Umbrella Academy and Jupiter’s Legacy are more than worthwhile endeavors to behold for those disappointed The Boys doesn’t have a place in the streaming powerhouse’s lineup.

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