PS5 Tournament System Coming Up Hints New Sony Patent

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Sony has never delved too deeply into competitive gaming, but based on a new patent, it looks like they’re planning a new esports-friendly feature for the PlayStation 5. Sony has recently has filed a new patent for a PS5 tournament system (thanks to SegmentNext for the find) that allows players to easily set up online tournaments without the use of third-party software. According to the patent, Sony envisions a system that can host small tournaments with friends as well as large events with multiple games and a large number of participants.

Online tournament integration allows tournaments to be run by individuals, developers and other vendors. Providing online tournament integration can include simple tools for setting up and running a platform-level tournament, while providing insight into specific games. As such, a user can use such tools to set up a small tournament with friends who are casual players while an event planner can use such tools to organize a large tournament with many participants, complex rules and even [multiple] game titles.

Players would be able to organize teams, invites, match scheduling and more through a “gaming network platform” (probably PlayStation Network) and organizers would be able to customize tournaments using a number of parameters including “the game title(s) to be played, type of tournament (e.g. single elimination, double elimination, Swiss system, round robin, deathmatch, racing), bracket type, match types, time frame, number of participants, parameters for entry, match duration, competition level, specific cards to be played, and/or strategies to be executed .” Interestingly, Sony is even proposing a system where the skill levels of the contestants are determined based on their performance in the games being played.

Sounds like a pretty robust system! Something to Think About — Sony recently bought the EVO Fighting Game Championships. EVO 2021 starts on August 6, so can we get official news about this tournament system soon? We will see! What do you think? Does it seem like a good addition to the PS5’s feature list?

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