PS5 UK stock vote: New way to buy a PlayStation 5 just arrived

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New PS5 Stock Vote Coming to UK (Image: SONY) has confirmed it will host a PS5 stock vote for its UK customers this week.

July was an average month for PlayStation 5 additions, with Argos, Game and Smyths hosting sales events online and in-store.

But no UK retailer has been able to keep up with demand, and this has left gamers waiting for the next opportunity.

And the good news is that there will be another restock event this week that will take some of the headache out of being stuck in a digital queue. will be hosting a PS5 stock vote, meaning it won’t be a first come, first served system.

Instead, gamers can sign up this week with an email address for a chance to win a console.

Just like Box managed its Xbox Series X and S ballots, gamers can register their email address in the new PS5 ballot. All collected emails will be put into a vote, with the lucky participants receiving an invitation to purchase a PlayStation5 bundle.


And Box has confirmed that these are the items included in every bundle available on the site:

  • PlayStation 5 Disc Edition console
  • An additional DualSense Wireless controller
  • Logitech G923 racing wheel
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Unfortunately for those not interested in the other included items, the Box PS5 bundle is very expensive.

Priced at a whopping 849.99, console hunters who don’t want to buy a handlebar will have to decide if they can resell it afterwards.

The official description on the official Box Ballot site explains: “ has decided to use a voting system for the new PlayStation 5, when stock is so limited and demand is so high.

“The voting system allows customers to sign up with their email address and name for a chance to be randomly selected to purchase a console.

“We will be contacting all the lucky customers by email and telling them how to purchase their PlayStation 5 console.

“The ballot box closes if supply can keep up with demand. After which we will email all contacts to inform them of the shutdown of the voting system and that there is plenty of stock available on for anyone still looking for a console.

And isn’t the only UK retailer expected to offer another PS5 supplement this month.

Amazon was the last to drop a shipment of PlayStation 5s and will be followed by others such as Argos and BT.

And according to the @PS5Instant account, the PS5 Digital console could be available to buy from Amazon UK on a separate date.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the inventory tracker said the latest Amazon shipment is “huge,” making it difficult to ship everything at once.

The @PS5Instant Twitter posted: “Didn’t manage to get your hands on a #PS5? don’t worry. #PS5Stock is on its way soon.

“Amazon will drop Digital on another date because this shipment was huge ~ hard to ship that much at once”.

Elsewhere, in addition to the Amazon PS5 replenishment, other UK retailers could reopen orders for the PlayStation 5 this week.

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